Artists and designers are currently in the position to directly incorporate the techniques and materials of engineers into dynamic art, unmediated by specialists. With Atmospheric Front, computing concepts merge with the handmade to enable unprecedented expression and precision, deepening relationships between visual forms, textures, and motion.

Historically, Atmospheric Front carries on the spirit and tone of Robert Rauschenberg and Bell Labs engineer Billy Klüver’s collaborations of the 1960s. Electronics permeate everyday life; Rauschenburg and Klüver’s pioneering work makes clear that technologies, no matter how modern, must be understood by artists as important new material for the creation of art. Their collaborations culminated in the establishment of E.A.T., an organization that furnished hundreds of artists with technical assistance from professional engineers.

Similar to Rauschenberg’s belief in occupying the “the gap between art and life,” we seek to fold together an art process with the technologies of our time. Microcontrollers, servo motors, sensors and other affordable, accessible hobbyist electronics combine with handmade textiles and light to form immersive, site-specific installations.

Our work is based on addressing the tensions and overlaps between the handmade and the technological; fostering new collaborations between designers, artists, and engineers by using the materials of everyday life to reveal the deeper mysteries of the world we live in.


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